Temporarily Closed

In response to the current Covid-19 situation, we are temporarily closing the Cardel Theatre until further notice.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience and understanding. We wish everyone good health and safety in the next coming weeks.



Straightforward answers to frequently asked questions

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Q: What is Cardel Foundations?


Cardel Foundations is the charitable division of Cardel Homes and is is proud to support initiatives that enrich lives. We have a long history of sponsoring programs that bring people together. But beyond simple sponsorship, we believe in dedicating time and talent to worthy causes. From breast cancer campaigns and food bank drives to programs that keep underprivileged kids in sports, Cardel Foundations provides planning, marketing and financial assistance to help build strong communities in every sense. Learn more here.

Q: I want to learn more about the Cardel Theatre and arrange a tour. Who do I contact?


View our About the Theatre page, or you can call our main switchboard at 403-258-1511

Q: Can I book the Cardel Theatre for a Sunday event?


Unfortunately, no. The Theatre is closed on Sundays

Q: What are the Cardel Theatre hours?


The Cardel Theatre is available for events booked between 8 am and 10 pm Monday to Saturday. Events can be booked up to 6 months in advance online.

Q: How much does it cost to rent the theatre?


Rental cost for the Cardel Theatre is $100 per hour. This is far below the rental rate of a similar facility. 100% of these funds are then used to support our community programs and assist other charities with their goals. An additional non-refundable cleaning fee of $75 + gst for events without food and $150 + gst for events with food is required.You will also be required to provide a $500.00 refundable damage deposit for any damage that may be caused during your event. Rental payment and damage deposit must be paid in the form of a credit card ONLY. All paperwork must be received by the Cardel Theatre two (2) weeks prior to your event or your event will be cancelled without notice. Your fee payment will be processed by the Cardel Theatre immediately upon receipt of the signed agreement.

Q: Will I receive a tax receipt for my rental/payment?


As a non-registered charity, Cardel Foundations is unable to issue tax receipts.

Q: If I have to cancel my event, will there be any charges?


As long as your event is cancelled at least 7 days in advance, you will not be charged a fee. Events cancelled within the 7 day timeframe will not qualify for a refund of their cleaning fee.

Q: Can I book the space for rehearsals?


You may book the Theatre for an additional 2 days for rehearsals prior to your event.

Q: I cannot find the copy of my Cardel Theatre contract. Where can I obtain a new one?


Please send a request to theatreinfo@cardelhomes.com

Q: I want catering for my event. Who do I contact?


The Cardel Theatre has 4 contracted catering options to meet the needs of any size event with any type of budget. They are:
Safeway Corporate Catering
Great Events Catering
The Park Kitchen & Bar

Q: Am I allowed to bring in my own food to the facility?


No. We have 4 contracted food providers in place to make sure food is regulated, prepared properly and controlled. We only allow food ordered through Safeway, Costco, Great Events Catering or The Park Kitchen & Bar.

Q: If I have catering at my event. Is there a refrigerator I can use?


Yes. We have a large refrigerator that can be used prior to events starting to hold food and beverages.

Q: I would like to serve alcohol at my event? Can I do this?


No. The Cardel Theatre and Banquet Area is a non-licensed venue, and as such alcohol is not allowed on the premises.

Q: Are there any linens, tables or chairs provided for use during my event?


The Cardel Theatre has a limited amount of folding tables and folding chairs for use as registration or food tables. If you require more tables or chairs, you will need to supply them through a rental company yourself. Cardel does not supply table linens. If you require linens, you must bring your own.

Q: I need cocktail tables for my event. Who do I contact?


You can get cocktail tables through the Cardel Theatre. Please click here to complete a rental form. You can submit the form via fax, email or in person at 180 Quarry Park Blvd SE.You can get cocktail tables through the Cardel Theatre. Please click here to complete a rental form. You can submit the form via fax, email or in person at 180 Quarry Park Blvd SE.

Q: Do I need to know how to operate the equipment for my event or supply someone to run the equipment?


No. For higher-need productions, a Theatre Assistant will be available. The Theatre Assistant is an integral part of making sure your event has the proper equipment required for your event, as well as looking out for your safety. Theatre Assistants work with your Event Coordinator(s) to make sure all aspects of the event run smoothly. For those groups simply watching a film or inviting a speaker, a Theatre Assistant will not be available, but our receptionist on duty will be able to handle any small requests.

Q: Can I bring in my own equipment to run through your system?


No. We do not allow any other types of laptops or Mac computers. The Cardel Theatre supplies a laptop to run PowerPoint presentations, as well as an audio system and projector to run movies, presentations and images. You should check with the Theatre Assistant before any event to make sure your equipment needs will be met and will integrate with the system. Some events require more equipment than the Cardel Theatre supplies, and your Event Coordinator(s) will be required to acquire and pay for the rental of this equipment independently.

Q: I have a few more questions. Who can I contact?


Please send your request to theatreinfo@cardelhomes.com Someone will get back to you ASAP.